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A bacc with custom rules by maranatah

Meet the Founders
Week 1
: Haverson | Perkins | Redfield | Orwell
Week 2: Haverson | Perkins | Redfield | Orwell | Winkwell
Week 3: Haverson | Perkins | Redfield | Orwell | Winkwell/Poplar | Walski | Meadows
Week 4: Haverson | Perkins | Redfield | Orwell | Poplar | Walski | Meadows | Dawn
Week 5: Haverson | Perkins | Redfield | Orwell | Poplar | Walski | Meadows | Dawn | University

.151 Orwell - Year 6

Hello!  I am back with another Valdell update for you.
Last time!
- Anna and Mark are notorious for causing drama in Valdell. (Anna left her ex Clive Poplar with two newborn babies and left with their teen daughters to be with her lover Mark Orwell.) (Mark loves to flirt with the mayor, Claire Haverson, which has gotten her into some awkward situtations.)
- These two got married in the last round
- Anna's two oldest daughters Gwen and Leslie grew up and went off to college
- Lots of cats!
- Anna became pregnant
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.148 Haverson - Week 6

You know the last time I posted a Valdell update was July 2015?! Crazy, right?
Well that's because I had quit the sims 2 for awhile. I took a 2 year break, did life-y things, like get engaged. :) I now live with my fiance in a house! and two days out of the week we have his 5 year old daughter with us. Life has been great! I also work at the restaurant my fiance owns, so my hours have been cut a bit and I now have 3.5 days off a week. All this free time has got me back into the game, and I have missed it so much! But enough rambling about me!
Two updates are missing from year 5, Dawn and University. They were played, but the pictures have been deleted for a long time. So we will just continue on and when we get to those rounds we will see what happened. Also a lot of CC has been deleted too, so some things are different.
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.147 Meadows - Week 5

Back again with the Meadow's family. Just a reminder that Nimbus is a wonderful sim by starlla.
Last Time!
- Nimbus's new Wine business kicked off with a slow start, but soon fully stocked wine bars were flying off the shelves.
- Nimi asked her crush, Damian, to marry her and he moved in.
 - Nimi and her fiance Damian decided to move out of their little apartment and into a house by deedee_sims!
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.146 Walski - Week 5

I played this round way back in December when a lot was going on in my life. So I may have only taken a couple pictures.. Whoops.
Last time!
- Mia and Clint worked on her landscaping business quite a bit
- A house expansion was done because of their new baby, Andrew (Who was originally named Jessie but was renamed for reasons)
- Clint almost died from sickness, but his life was spared thanks to Mia

Now these pictures are very random, so I'll fill you in a bit.
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.144 Orwell - Week 5

Hello again! This update is a bit sporatic because I played it yesterday, when I was just getting back into playing. I didn't take too many pictures.
And just to clarify, if anyone has noticed, there aren't any ros challenges being rolled this round, just to keep with the trend since it seems I forgot the first 4 households.
Also, there are slight changes to some sims and lots because this was after my huge cc cleanup. :)
So! Last time...
- The house was expanded to accomodate Anna and her two daughters
- Mark and Anna got married
- Gwen and Laura grew into teens
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